EG Studio for Architecture

“Architecture is a profoundly optimistic wager that our aspirations today will be inspiring tomorrow, that our enduring expressions will reach toward others.” – Sir. Edward Lovett Pearce

Jorge Eguiarte is the founding Principal of the Denver, Colorado-based architectural firm EG Studio for Architecture. Launched in 2010, the firm has already established itself in the Denver region as a leader in groundbreaking design concepts. Its reputation for overall design excellence and ability to balance aesthetic creativity with functionality has been a key factor in developing its rapidly growing client portfolio including single and multi-family homes, cafés, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in the Denver area. A visit to one of the firm’s local clients such as the Cozy Book Bar, the trendy View House, or Highland Cork & Café is recommended to anyone interested in seeing why EG Studio for Architecture stands out from the rest. 

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Mr. Eguiarte graduated from the University of Guadalajara’s school of architectural design in 2000. Following graduation he worked for Credito & Casa, a company funded by the Mexican government to design and construct low income housing. At Credito & Casa Mr. Eguiarte was directly involved with design quality initiatives including sustainability and technical delivery. Following his work with Credito & Casa, Mr. Eguiarte was contracted by Bimbo S.A. C.V., a Mexican bakery and confection company, to design a successful range of projects including high-end corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, and wholesale outlets. In 2005 Mr. Eguiarte moved to Denver, Colorado where he worked for Agency for Architecture and CTA Architects until 2010 when he set out to form EG Studio for Architecture. EG Studio is guided by a simple architectural philosophy that Mr. Eguiarte and his associates apply to every project they undertake. 

A studio’s guiding principal is to understand the cultural and practical needs of its clients in order to develop design solutions that bring clear identity to the project while remaining highly functional with an enduring and positive impact on its environment. 

By applying this philosophy EG Studio is able to achieve the best possible design, one that not only meets the immediate needs and wants of the client but also anticipates future possibilities and the concerns of the people who will ultimately use the buildings. Each project begins by assessing the basic elements of a building program such as physical size and functional purpose taking into account the tastes, preferences, and interests of the client. The synthesis of psychological as well as more tangible components imbues a structure with greater depth of perception. By engaging this broader scope, Mr. Eguiarte leads his clients and colleagues in rich collaborations that produce dynamic, unexpected solutions informed by the program, site, and culture of the client where the life of the building takes on greater satisfaction for all who use it.

Mr. Eguiarte is an active participant in the local Denver community working regularly with Architecture for Humanity, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide sustainable development to underserved communities. He is currently working with Museo de las Americas, a local Museum/gallery space that regularly showcases Latin American art to the community, to design a space to host its summer children's program. 

EG Studio for Architecture is proud to continue to serve the Denver area by creating elegant and pragmatic designs for its clients, designs that are met first not by shelter or solidity, proportion or magnitude, but by the highest ambitions of the client and the enduring will of the architect to serve them.