Double Aught Architecture

Tim Jacques, Principal of Double Aught Architecture, LLC, is a Colorado Licensed Architect. A transplant from the East Coast, Tim studied Architecture at The Catholic University of America inWashington, D.C., before moving to Denver to earn a Masters of Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver. 

Tim's experience in Architecture includes 10 years working as designer and project manager with Agency for Architecture, Smiths Architects, Cushing Terrell Architects, and finally Double AughtArchitecture. He has experience on projects including single family and multifamily residential, restaurant, commercial, retail, office, and institutional.

A firm believer that good design is not contingent upon expensive materials, the direction of Double Aught Architecture is to make architecture more accessible to more of the population than the elite few by directing more of the budget to ideas instead of finishes. Some design strategies include using common building materials in uncommon ways, reusing and re-purposing materials, and selecting when and where to execute custom solutions. Attention to natural lighting, spatial arrangements, and details allows for a space where high-end finishes aren't necessary.

As a proponent of the DIY and maker movements, Tim is a fan of working with his hands and learning home improvement skills. A true generalist, he has experience with carpentry, tiling, plumbing, electrical work, HVAC, welding, electronics, and auto repair. It's only when we can alter or fix our possessions as we want that we truly own them.